What is brake fluid?

    Brake fluid is a hygroscopic hydraulic fluid (moisture absorbing) that is responsible for transferring the energy from your foot to your brake pads. When you press your brake pedal the energy from your foot moves internal components which then transfers movement via brake fluid to other components such as brake calipers.

Why does it need service?

    Moisture in your brake fluid is harmful to its operation. Even in a perfectly sealed system brake fluid will collect moisture over time. Brake fluid with excessive moisture content will quickly reduce the effectiveness of your brakes and can lead to premature brake system failures such as stuck calipers or non-working ABS pumps. These types of failures can cause more than just an expensive auto-repair bill;  they can also lead to poor drivability conditions like pulsations, premature brake pad wear and even decreased fuel economy. Most importantly it can affect the ability to come to a stop quickly.

Brake fluid service intervals vary between manufacturers and are often condition or usage-based. High-performance vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles may require brake fluid service as often or as early as every 20,000 miles. Upon request, we can perform an electronic test on your brake fluid and determine how often you may need service for optimal performance and reliability.

What does the service consist of?

    We are replacing the brake fluid in the brake system by physically removing the fatigued fluid in your master cylinder, then perform a brake bleed procedure for the entire system via forcing new fluid through the lines or automated ABS pump actuation procedure. These methods ensure removal of all contaminated brake fluid from your brake system, additionally it may remove any air from the system which may have been unintentionally left behind from assembly line processes or previous brake repairs.

What benefit can I expect from this service?

    If your brake fluid is maintained regularly you are ensuring that you’re giving your brakes the best chance they have to do their job properly.

Brake fluid replacement can improve many things:

  • Firmness or consistency of brake pedal feel
  • Reduced expensive component replacement,
  • Reduced internal corrosion of brake lines, proportioning valves, brake hoses and lines, calipers, wheel cylinders, master cylinders, pumps
  • Reliability.

​Brake Fluid Service

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The left vial shows uncontaminated "dry" brake fluid as it appears new and fresh. the right hand vial shows what brake fluid looks like in extreme contamination situations. The old fluid moisture content by percentage is too high and the fluid has captured the contaminates which occur naturally in an aging brake system.