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The coolant seen here represents the differences between new and old engine coolant. The color seenhere may not be what your vehicle is equipped with but this demonstration reveals the visual differences between a fresh engine coolant and a tired engine coolant.

Coolant Service:

What is engine coolant?

             Engine coolant has a very important job, it’s often under-appreciated and overlooked! Engine coolant is generally a 50/50 mix of water and ethylene glycol mix with other chemicals. Coolant, or anti-freeze,  has to flow through many important portions of your engine in order to transfer the heat naturally generated from your engine to manage safe operating temperatures. Additionally, it has to be able to bring you the heat inside your passenger compartment so you stay warm when it’s cold.

 Why does it need service?

            Engine coolant contains many ingredients to combat some of the harsh environments it lives in and to do the tough job it’s there to do. Coolant not only helps keep your engine running at an optimum temperature, but it has to ensure components like water pumps, directional valves and thermostats stay lubricated. Additionally, it contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to make sure the components it’s in contact with don’t fail or become clogged. When the added inhibitors of coolant break-down with time and heat cycles they can no longer do their job. When coolant components arent properly lubricated or protected they fail and begin to cost expensive repair bills. A coolant leak may be a sign that your cooling system needs service after the repair of the leak. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need it. Worn out engine coolant can also raise engine temperatures by a few degrees which can result in reduced engine performance and increased emissions, but it can also lead to poor heater performance and electrolysis which can cause premature component failures such as heater cores, radiators, and radiator caps. Poor cooling can even affect other components such as your transmission!

 What is the service?

            Like the services for other fluids in your car, it’s important to remove the old stuff for the new stuff. There are several ways this can be performed. Depending on the severity of the condition of the cooling system it can be; drained from all available components then re-filled, it can be physically flushed with a machine that interrupts the normal flow direction of the coolant and new, filtered fluid can be added. We can check the condition of your coolant at any regular service, just ask!

 What to expect:

            Most people who service their cooling system at regular intervals won’t notice any drastic changes to the normal day to day operation of their car. Those who may have neglected their cooling system may notice changes such as; improved heater operation, lower engine operating temperatures, and returned efficiency. All who service their cooling system regularly will enjoy the added longevity of their cooling system and engine. Less component failure, such as leaks from hoses, radiators, and heater cores. Longer lasting internal engine health due to more even heat dispersion and reduced contaminate build-up which naturally exists from dissimilar metals and those left behind from manufacturing processes.

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