What is Power steering fluid?

    Power steering fluid is another one of many hydraulic-like fluids found in many cars today. This fluid has been used by nearly all makes and models since as far back as the 1950s! Power steering fluid is used to assist the driver in reducing steering effort when the vehicle speed is low, such as parking lot maneuvers. This fluid is pumped from a power steering pump to a power steering rack, or gear, which directly assists the driver to control the front wheels.

Why does it need service?

    The life of your power steering fluid is rough, and we demand a lot from it! This fluid has to be able to function at our command regardless of ambient or operating temperature. Like any petroleum-based fluid it breaks down over time with age and heat. When your power steering fluid breaks down it can no longer provide the adequate lubrication required for power steering components such as these pumps or steering racks. When the lubricity properties of this fluid diminish increased component wear occurs. Damaged fluid can accelerate failures of power steering components. These failures often surface as leaks from seals/gaskets or dried rubber hoses, abnormal noises when turning or difficult./inconsistent steering sensations. 

What is the service?

Removal of worn-out power steering fluid from the reservoir.  Introduction of fresh new fluid to the system and a series of manual bleed procedures coupled with a full range of motion maneuvers for your steering rack. This will remove worn-out and broken-down power steering fluid and replace it with fresh clean fluid, and remove deposits left behind from old fluid. 

What can I expect from the service?

    Regular power steering fluid service will help make sure power steering components work hard for you for a long time. What you’ll notice from this service depends greatly on the severity of the condition of the old fluid we’ve removed. Vehicles with high mileage power steering systems or systems in need of urgent care will often yield the most drastic changes. Physical differences will range from; improved cold-start or early morning noise reduction, improved steering efforts, smoother and more consistent steering wheel operation. Other benefits are the removal of harmful deposits within components, ensures proper lubrication and care of vital seals, gaskets and rubber hoses. Improved steering system component life.

​Power Steering Service


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A difference you can see! The new fluid on the left which appears amber in color reflects the fluid as it comes  from the new container or when your car is new. The new power steering fluid may also be red like automatic transmission fluid (ATF). ATF is often the chosen fluid for top-off or replacement for many manufacturers too!  The fluid on the right is much darker in color as it has captured the contaminates that occur over time in your power steering system.

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