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            Transmission Fluid Service

What is transmission fluid?

Transmission fluid may be the hardest working fluid in your drivetrain, it’s the lifeblood of what makes your car move! Transmission fluid is a petroleum-based fluid and wears many hats. It has to: keep your transmission cool and lubricated, act as a hydraulic fluid for movement of solenoids and actuators, prevents corrosion and fluid build up during times of extreme heat, and contains a delicate balance of anti-wear additives for seals, gaskets, bearings, clutch packs, and delicate electronic parts.

Why does it need service?

Modern vehicles are far more efficient than any of their predecessors although this efficiency comes with a major drawback: heat. Heat dispersion and control is equally important as any other characteristic of a fluid. If transmission fluid can not maintain its nature, your transmission and wallet will suffer. Fluid break-down and contamination collection is normal: After thousands of miles of high heat, high pressure, and collection of naturally occurring contaminants from friction surfaces your transmission fluid requires replacement. Regular transmission fluid and filter exchanges save you from premature high-dollar repairs and inconvenient breakdowns.

What is the service?

There are generally two types of transmission services and each has its own advantages. Transmission fluid exchanges or "Flushes" are often the most common type. Industry-standard fluid exchange machines exchange old fluid from your transmission, transmission cooler, and associated lines or hoses. Transmission fluid and filter replacement services change the fluid and additionally an internally located fluid filter or screen (if equipped). Where this service is generally more effective it’s often more costly. Each service has a time and a place. Initial transmission services are often the first type, the standard exchange. Sequential services or situations of extreme use, such as off-road vehicles, delivery vehicles, extreme cold or heat vehicles can be the second type.

What can I expect from a transmission service?

In normal situations where transmission fluid is changed on time, no change in the way the vehicle drives may be felt. Occasionally performing a transmission service may correct a fluid level condition that may have been low from the factory or previous service but this is uncommon. In a transmission that is past due for service, it is possible that improved shift quality and decrease slippage or chatter may be noticed. Transmission fluid and/or filter replacement differs greatly depending on the vehicle make and model. Today’s vehicles offer several types of transmission types, which may determine how often and what kind of service you require. We’ll gladly discuss your vehicle’s transmission type and the recommended service intervals, just give us a call!